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Mimosa N5-X16 twist-on

Mimosa N5-X16 twist-on, 4.9–6.4 GHz, 16 dBi, Dual-slant 45º, Horn Antenna

Manufacturer: Mimosa Networks

Mimosa C5x

Mimosa C5x 4.9–6.4 GHz, 8 dBi, Dual-slant 45º, with No Antenna

Manufacturer: Mimosa Networks

Mimosa N5-X20 

Mimosa N5-X20 twist-on, 4.9–6.4 GHz, 20 dBi, Dual-slant 45º, Dish Antenna

Manufacturer: Miomosa Networks


Cambium cnPilot

Cambium cnPilot‚ R201P, US 802.11ac dual band Gigabit WLAN Router with ATA and PoE

Manufacturer: Cambium Networks

Cambium ePMP

Cambium ePMP 5GHz Force 300-19 Subscriber Module (FCC) (US cord)

Manufacturer: Cambium Networks

Cambium ePMP 2000/3000

Cambium ePMP 2000/3000 5GHz Smart Beam Forming Antenna

Manufacturer: Cambium Networks


Ubiquiti PowerBeam 

Ubiquiti PowerBeam 2.4 GHz High-Performance airMAX® ac Bridge with Dedicated Wi-Fi Management

Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks

TP-LINK 300Mbps 

TP-LINK 300Mbps Wireless N Router

Manufacturer: TP-Link

MikroTik LtAP 4G kit

MikroTik LtAP 4G kit with R11e-4G modem 2.4GHz access point

Manufacturer: MikroTik 

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“It’s everything You need to get you're work done, all in one place.”

Integrated communications: anytime, anywhere

The RingCentral mobile app provides an intuitive, unified experience that lets you call, message, and meet wherever you are. Compatible with company-issued devices or bring-your-own-device smartphones, RingCentral’s unified application enables you to seamlessly make calls, check voicemail messages, and connect and collaborate with teams through integrated team messaging and online meetings.

Contact Center

Support, engage, and inspire customers with an omni-channel cloud contact center.

Video & Team Messaging

Get more done before, during, and after meetings with video conferencing and team messaging.

Business phone system

Team messaging, video conferencing, and a modern business phone—in one simple app.

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​Business Software's

K9ERP: Software Today for Success Tomorrow.

K9ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning cloud software package that delivers adaptable cloud and mobile technology with a all-encompassing user license. K9ERP includes all the applications a business needs to effectively manage everything: Financials, Inventory, Distribution, Accounting, Document Management, Service Contracts, CRM, POS and more. With always available, real-time access, management has complete oversight any time from any where. K9ERP was created and is continuously evolving so small businesses have everything they need to prosper.
K9ERP was created to help all businesses get the level of software they need to be successful without having to spend outrageous amounts of money or undergo a major installation or work disruption.

K9ERP keeps business moving

Accounting, Inventory Control, CRM, Workflow, Advanced Business Intelligence and more. Integrated, Instant, Immeasurable Insights. Everything you need to run your business efficiently, effectively, and successfully...

K9ERP works with your business to streamline processes, maximize efficiency and fast-track growth.


Make sure processes flow the way they are supposed to. Maximum efficiency, maximum productivity, and maximum profitability.



Every item controlled from vendor PO to internal receiving to customer's hands. As many items as you can think of, K9ERP can manage.


Make on-target decisions on-the-fly or after deep analysis knowing all data is right now accurate and all encompassing.


Real-time access from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Through the web or the mobile app, you are always connected with K9ERP.


All departments are always up-to-date with the details of all other departments' data and production.


Create any report with any data in K9ERP in minutes with the intuitive report generator. No programming needed.


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