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Wireless Broadband for Your Home

Looking for a good broadband service? Tired of reading about this and that from the large nationwide operators? Seiretsu is different!

Fixed Wireless Broadband Service
We provide service for all sectors which spread across
all Industries, Residential Internet, Government Broadband, Enterprise, Church, Education Institution and etc.

​Ready to have fast, easy access to the internet? Tired of dropped connections and slow speeds..  And a
s a community-focused company,  Seiretsu is guided by its vision of enriching people’s lives. We believe that we can stimulate human growth by leveraging technology to help people connect with one another and achieve their full potential.  
Don’t be limited by your location.  Now, you can get access to fast internet service at home or work.

Packages Offering


J$ 12,000/Month

Up to 20Mbps/5 Mbps
Unlimited  Monthly Data 

High speed broadband. This product gives high download & upload
 performance to use multiple devices.

J$ 10,000/Month
Up to 15Mbps/5 Mbps
Unlimited  Monthly Data 

Working from home or gaming? This product gives high uplink performance & a stable  platform to run sensitive application

J$ 6,000/Month

Up to 12Mbps/5 Mbps
Unlimited  Monthly Data 

Fast broadband connection. Ideal for all users and all applications.
 Bring the internet to life and enjoy it to its fullest potential.

 Build your own package/Month
Starting from 25Mbps/10 Mbps
Unlimited  Monthly Data 

Customize  package as per your requirement 
Best for online gaming, work from home and HD movies
We are in your area. New Location added!

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Got questions?

What is Home Internet?

  • Seiretsu Home Internet is a new offering from Seiretsu, available to customers at certain addresses.
  • It's fast, affordable home internet service that lets you do it all for just J$ 6000 a month with AutoPay, and taxes and fees included for qualifying accounts.
  • Seiretsu Home Internet service makes use of the great 5G Technology that our network runs on, depending on signal availability at your eligible address.
  • You receive service through Seiretsu High-Speed Internet Gateway (which combines the capabilities of a router and a modem), the Gateway device then converts 5G signal to Wi-Fi and provides a Wi-Fi signal accessible by all the devices in your home.
  • Easy, self-installation with no data cap.
  • No annual contract, no upfront costs or fees.

How much does Home Internet cost?

  • Seiretsu Home Internet is just J$ 6000 per month all in with AutoPay for customers who already have (or switch to) a tax included plan, or J$ 60 with AutoPay plus taxes and fees for customers already on a tax exclusive wireless plan.
  • There's no annual service contract and no hidden fees and 24/7 support from Seiretsu’s amazing Customer Care Team.

Is there a data cap on the  Home Internet service?

Nope! There are no data caps on our 5G Home Internet service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

What speeds can I expect?

We anticipate most new Seiretsu Home Internet customers will see average download speeds in excess of 50 Mbps, and all eligible households are projected to see average download speeds of 20 Mbps or more. Speeds can vary depending on location, signal strength and availability, time of day, and other factors. Our speed projections are based on our analysis of internal and third-party data.


Can I purchase higher-speed service?

No confusing charts with multiple speed options that do who-knows-what. Customers will get the max speed the network is able to offer at their home location. We have one unlimited data service tier. Nice and simple!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Are there ways I cannot use  Home Internet?                                                                                                                                                                                    

You can use your Home Internet for all the homework, streaming, and video conferencing you need! But to ensure that our network is available for all customers, there are some restrictions on activities that can damage or disproportionately congest the network. For example, Home Internet is not intended for unattended use, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, or uses that automatically consume unreasonable amounts of available network capacity.